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Locust Leaning on the Fence


Locust Leaning against the fence, We Take it out Safely!

This was a medium sized job. Mainly this larger locust which – after weeks of rain and years of leaning – had become a considerable danger to the apartments underneath it. This tree was leaning so much against the client’s fence that it was literally helping to hold it up. Furthermore, before climbing this Locust we had to remove a considerable amount of weight.

I Personally Climbed the Locust and took it down no problem. roped the pieces down gracefully and barely left a trace. After this we spent a few hours trimming some branches/bushes that had been growing over and through the fence. All in a days work. 

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Caterpillar Tree Job

Caterpillars ate this Cherry tree

No job is too small. This client has a cherry tree EATEN by caterpillars. while we were there we also trimmed their large Silver Maple away from the roofline. Simple and safe job and we removed all of the brush and wood from the site. Tree Patrol is the right call for your tree work, Call Today to have your Tree Removed.

BEFORE                                                 AFTER