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Tree Patrol Success, Now ISA Certified Consulting

Tree Patrol Success

As many of my customers know, this business was created by me, Preston Schofield, in order to serve  customers with all manner of tree services in the region. I have been able to climb trees almost every day, taken down trees of all shapes and sizes safely, no matter the difficulty, and been able support employees and their livelihoods as well. Considering all that we have accomplished over the past 5 years Tree Patrol is a HUGE SUCCESS. I have to thank all of my customers over the years for trusting Tree Patrol with your trees and supporting my business.


Tree Patrols Equipment

“Considering all that we have accomplished over the past 5 years Tree Patrol is a HUGE SUCCESS.”

In November of 2021 I decided to take the International Society of Arborists Certification Exam. With the years of experience and a good amount of studying i was able to pass the exam and can now offer the highest level tree consulting advise as a ISA Certified Arborist.

So How Can I Help You?

Tree Risk Assessment


Unhealthy and damaged trees can often pose a significant risk to people and property, I can perform industry a standard tree risk assessment. Following the American National Standard for Tree, Shrub, and Other Wood Plant Management – Standard Practices (ANSI A300 Part 9).

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Trimming and Removal Cost Estimate

I have extensive first-hand knowledge of what it takes to perform tree services. I have personally estimated all of the work that Tree Patrol has carried out and refined my estimate process for accuracy. Hire Tree Patrol to perform an estimate consultation and I will take a look at your trees, write up an official estimate of what the work should cost you, then refer you to a local partner who can perform the work. This ensures that you will not overpay and receive the best value for your tree services.

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Pre-Construction Consultation

When performing construction, not all trees have to be removed. Before beginning construction, I will assess the value of your trees and can determine which are appropriate to remain on site. Trees to be removed will be identified and estimated for removal. Finally, we will refer to one of our local partners to carry out the project.

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Biodiversity Assessment

This  assessment will identify and categorize all of the trees over 4 inches on your property. After the initial consultation a biodiversity report can be created for your property which can be updated as your trees grow or die. the general health of your woods will be described in this report as well as any trees that may present a problem in the future 


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Tree Appraisal

Trees have more value than one would think Trees improve your property values through curb  appeal but have additional value through air conditioning, erosion control, and more. If your tree is dying or damaged in an insurable event, we can come appraise your tree and determine the value lost from a particular tree being removed. This can help with insurance claims or deciding if it is time to have a tree removed and replaced.

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Online Store

We have a massive pile of seasoned hardwood firewood for sale. Loads from $50 to $350.

We are always working on adding more products to the shop, click the link below to check it out.

You can also shop from some of our affiliates the get new trees or other outdoor related products, shop around and find what you need to improve your trees and yard.

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We Will Be Back Fall 2021


During the summer I will be referring all actual tree services to other companies and only performing consultations. I will be available starting September to begin scheduling work to be completed by me and my crew. If you would like for us to do your work and your work is less urgent, consider waiting until fall to get your work done by the professional you know, me.



5 Years of Loyal Customers

Tree Patrol has been offering tree services in Haywood, Buncombe, and Jackson counties for 6 years! We have served over 1000 clients and our clients keep calling back.



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