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       Are you looking for Firewood? Whether you are looking for firewood to heat your home this winter or just have a nice fire pit for social gatherings, Tree Patrol has an abundance of Firewood ready to be delivered


  • Our firewood is recycled from local tree removal jobs, then hauled, cut to length, split, and seasoned to become fuel
  • Before being sold our wood is seasoned for at least 10 Months, this ensures a low moisture content of 12% to 20%. Perfect for efficient burning and low creosote production
  • We have a few options for load sizes from $50 to $350 Per load, hauled. Additional charges for stacking wood.

White Dump Truck



Firewood Delivery Options

Here are our load sized for delivery:

First Choose your length:  < 16″,  < 18″, or 18″ to 24″.   We do not offer custom lengths

  • $50 Pickup Truck – Enough Firewood for many backyard campfires or to finish out the winter season. I have a short bed truck and a toolbox takes up some space.
  • $140 Small Trailer – 10′ x 5′ x 2.5′ tall trailer Heaping
  • $200 Small Dump Truck – This load is usually just under a full cord, we have a 1967 Ford F350 Dump truck for this delivery
  • $300 Dump Trailer – 12′ x 6′ x 4 ft tall trailer Heaping. This is a HEAVY load
  • $350 Dump Trailer AND Pickup truck. Our largest load includes our large dump trailer and pickup truck full. Pretty close to 2 cords
  • Stacking will be an additional 20% of total. That is, $10, $28, $40, $60, and $70 respectively, added.

Trailer With Firewood