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Locust Leaning on the Fence


Locust Leaning against the fence, We Take it out Safely!

This was a medium sized job. Mainly this larger locust which – after weeks of rain and years of leaning – had become a considerable danger to the apartments underneath it. This tree was leaning so much against the client’s fence that it was literally helping to hold it up. Furthermore, before climbing this Locust we had to remove a considerable amount of weight.

I Personally Climbed the Locust and took it down no problem. roped the pieces down gracefully and barely left a trace. After this we spent a few hours trimming some branches/bushes that had been growing over and through the fence. All in a days work. 

    Call today to have yourTree Removed.

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Large Cherry fell right on a heavy-bag

Cherry Tree Nearly Misses Fence

This Large Cherry Tree lived its entire life with a significant lean. all it took was a few windy rainstorms and with the soil saturated this cherry fell right over.

AMAZINGLY, this client had hung a heavy bag in just the right spot and the entire tree landed right on it saving both him and his neighbor’s fences! 

Tree Patrol Arrived at the scene and carefully pieced this tree apart. We also hauled off the brush and wood which turned out to be over 4000 pounds ! Another Job Well Done


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Caterpillar Tree Job

Caterpillars ate this Cherry tree

No job is too small. This client has a cherry tree EATEN by caterpillars. while we were there we also trimmed their large Silver Maple away from the roofline. Simple and safe job and we removed all of the brush and wood from the site. Tree Patrol is the right call for your tree work, Call Today to have your Tree Removed.

BEFORE                                                 AFTER


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Woodfin Tree Removal and Trimming

Tree Patrol Services

  • Tree Removal: large Cherry, small Cherry over drive, small dead White Pine beside driveway, small Poplar behind house
  • Tree Trimming: large Red Oak Branches over house and dead branches over driveway, all other branches hanging over driveway and upper parking area, low White Pine/Hickory branches over yard
  • Chipped all brush/wood up to ~12in diameter
  • Cut larger wood into 18″ rounds for firewood.  

Large tree job in woodfin


These clients got a full property Tree Makeover! The first problem for these clients: a tall cherry tree that leaned over the house and grew into their foundation. Additionally they have a massive red oak which also stretched over the house, leaning/dead trees and limbs hanging over their driveway, and other low limbs over their front and backyard. 

Tree Patrol went to work and cut/trimmed over 25 trees, making this forest home much more inviting and safe for years to come!

Another job well done. Just imagine what we can do on YOUR property.

The TOP picture are After.        The BOTTOM pictures are Before



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WNC’s New Affordable Tree Service


Tree Patrol offers the highest quality tree care services in Haywood, Buncombe, and Jackson counties. We are committed to sustainability by ensuring that all biomass removed from any job will be recycled in the best manner possible. We also strive to maintain relationships in order to provide the best lifetime service for our clients

Tree Care

Tree Patrol cares for trees every way we can. Removing when necessary, Planting often, and Trimming using minimally-invasive techniques to keep your trees healthy.


We don’t have the overhead expenses that many local tree companies have. So these savings can be passed on directly to our clients. Our services are around 10%-50% less than mont large tree companies we will match or beat any tree bid from another company with proof of their pricing.


Through Tree Patrol’s Treecycling program all tree materials removed from your property will be reused and recycled in the best way possible. This includes milling select timber, processing into firewood, grinding into chips/mulch, and composting. 

Dependable & Efficient

We show up when we are scheduled to every time. if there is a setback such as weather conditions you will be the first to be notified. Then, on the job we work hard to get your tree work done efficiently so that you can move on to your next home project.